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National Minimum Wage

Are you aware of the National Minimum Wage? The legislation updates each April and you are required as an employer to pay your employees it as the minimum. The current levels for 2018/19 are:

  • Apprentices £3.70
  • Under 18 £4.20
  • Aged 18-20 £5.90
  • Aged 21-24 £7.38
  • Aged 25 and over £7.83

Further information and previous rates can be found at:


The General Data Protection Regulation came into force 25th May 2018, which supersedes the Data Protection Act. Make sure you are compliant with it all and know your boundaries, you are responsible to ensure that your clients, customers and employee’s personal data is protected against unauthorized access and will not be disclosed to another company.

You should have your own company policy which details how you collect, store and use your customers information.

Key articles which will be of use to all businesses can be found:


April 2018 saw the first rise in the auto-enrolment pension minimum contribution percentages. It went from 1% employee and 1% employer to 3% employee and 2% employer. The minimum contribution percentages are set to rise again in 2019 to 5% employee and 3% employer. It is also coming up to the beginning of the re-declaration of compliances. Make sure you keep up to date and know who is administrating your declarations and phasing the contributions. It is also thought that the DWP (department of work and pensions) is proposing to make additional changes to Auto-enrolment on the basis of contributions for example who should be enrolled.

The Pensions Regulator can be a helpful place to start for more information:


April 2019 is set to see a change for the payslips we produce as payroll administrators or you as employers. You will be legally required to itemise payslips and show the breakdown of hours worked and holiday been paid.