Our New Flyers! 30/08/2018

We have had new advertising flyers made up, keep an eye out for them posted through your businesses door soon!

Becoming a payroll manager 01/08/2018

Hi, my name’s Indi, as the newest addition to the team at Welch Payroll Services I will regularly be writing blogs to keep you all updated on our progress and what we get up to. 

After working as a payroll administrator for over 3 years with a large accountancy firm in Taunton, I felt it was the time in May 2018 to venture to a new challenge. I took the job as Payroll Manager here at Welch Payroll Services with the drive to push the business and also qualify as a manager – increasing my knowledge further from work-based experience. 

I’ve enrolled as a student with The Learn Centre Payroll Alliance, where over the next 18 months (hopefully) I will complete 4 levels to qualify as a payroll manager. 

Mid July I started on the first step – Payroll Technician. I travelled up to London for 3 days where I sat in on three very informative full day courses at the Holiday Inn by Regents Park. We covered manual tax & NI calculations, statutory payments and attachment of earnings. With only two assignments to write, I would have then finished the first step! Fingers crossed.